SidekickName: Sidekick, Timmy

Description: Sidekick is bulky, in between muscular and fat. Built more like a wrestler or a linebacker. He dresses in a low-maintenance punk-rock style. Cargo shorts and combat boots. He keeps his mohawk neatly shaved, but doesn’t bother much with spiking it. He has an imposing stature, but he features are soft and rounded, and very expressive, almost child-like. The only change he goes through from his street clothes to his superhero gear is a change in posture and attitude. He goes from relaxed and easy going to resolved and stalwart.

Personality: Sidekick is a good friend to almost every character is Rapid City. He is outgoing and personable. Below this, though, is a gap in self esteem. He always puts others first because he does not believe he deserves to be ahead of anyone. He is not the most pro-active of the heroes in Rapid City, but he has deep and firmly rooted sense of right and wrong.

He believes that it is wrong to hurt people. His power keeps him from ever being injured, so he sees it as his duty to stand in front of those who would cause harm.

Role: Sidekick is content without a strong motivation to act. Unlike Kinetic, he is content with things the way they are. He also acts as a guide of sorts, as he seems to know everyone in town. He is a very balanced source of wisdom for the other characters.

Notes: Sidekick gets his name from the Rancid song of the same name.

I had a dream I was a vigilante’s sidekick
My name is Tim, I’m a lesser known character
I had a dream I was a vigilante’s sidekick
fighting crime in the streets together

He is immune to all but self-inflicted harm. He has become a sort of straight-man to the more neurotic characters in the series.

Art by Jason Krause and Micah Faulkner

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