This web site is the home of my Rapid City comics project and its production blog. The serialized scripts that I post here will serve as an active portfolio of my work, as well as a resource for artists and potential collaborators. And, ultimately, they are here for your reading enjoyment.

About this blog
I decided recently that the only way to learn to write a monthly comic book was to write a monthly comic book. This blog is my place for doing just that. By making it public, I not only gather some attention, I also keep myself honest. The possibility that someone could be reading these changes the deadline from an arbitrary date to an actual obligation. I will have a new script posted on the 15th of every month.

The front page blog updates are a way for me to stay in touch with readers and to keep track of my progress. These updates also offer a look behind the scenes at what inspires and challenges my creative process.

If you want more information about what goes on in the comic I am creating, please take a look at the Rapid City Handbook.

About me
My name is Josh Dahl.
I work as an English teacher in a secure treatment facility for teenage boys in Boston, though I am originally from Troy, Michigan.
I love to read comic books and take the superhero genre very seriously.
I have a degree in Secondary Education from Western Michigan University, with a major in English and a double minor in Creative Writing and History.
I currently live in Boston, Massachusetts, with my girlfriend and my mutt, both of whom are far cuter than I deserve.

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